Waterskiing / Wakeboarding


The Guide should have a professional background writing about water skiing and be a recognized expert on the sport. This person must also be certified to teach waterskiing and/or wakeboarding.

Ideal qualifications include:

– A journalist or author who has written extensively on the subject
– A boat-towed water sports instructor with exemplary writing skills

The candidate should:

– Have professional reporting chops

– Have a writing voice that fits the character of the sport, while being very clear and authoritative

– Be able to cover how to ski and safety, product reviews, boat driving and destinations

– Be familiar with the ins and outs of different skiing techniques and training methods

– Have water photography and photo-editing skills

– Be able and willing to do media appearances, like radio and TV, and be available to be interviewed as a scuba expert

– Be open and flexible to editing content based on suggestions from an editor

– Have the passion and time to overachieve


Beginners and the merely curious who want to learn about water skiing and how to do it; those developing a passion for the sport who want to enrich their experience with content on gear, skills and destinations.


The water skiing site is already home to articles covering much of the basics. From this foundation the new Guide will continue to flesh those topics out, as needed, and branch out to the other areas listed below.

This is not meant to be comprehensive; rather, it calls out basics that we’d like to see covered and serves as a foundation for the way in which we’d like topics to be organized.

I. Water Sports 101
A. What is waterskiing?
B. What is wakeboarding
C. How to get started
D. Basic technique
E. Essential gear
F. Boating basics
II. Technique
A. Getting going
B. Steering
C. Hand signals
D. Barefoot
E. Wake jumping
F. Basic tricks
III. Gear
A. Guides and reviews
1. Skis
2. Boards
3. Toe ropes
4. Floatation devices
B. Maintenance and repairs
IV. Tricks
A. Hand tricks
B. Spins
C. Flips
V. Boats
A. Driving technique
B. Reviews
C. Basic safety
VI. Safety
A. Basic water safety
B. Riding guidelines
C. What to do in emergencies
VII. Pros
A. Athletes Profiles
B. Tours & Events
VIII. Kids and Families
A. Gear
B. Technique
C. Driving the boat
D. Safety
IX. Other Water Sports

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